6 Design Tips To Make Tiny Kitchens Look Larger


Having a large kitchen space could be a luxury for many homeowners because most kitchens are cramped and tiny. However, you can do some changes to your small kitchen by incorporating some of these designer tricks:
1. Keep it all white.
White reflects light best, making the kitchen space look bigger. Paint the countertops and cabinetry in white so that it will look seamless with the walls and ceilings. For some depth and shadows, use recessed-panel cabinets with crown moldings.
2. Keep color contrasts in the same color value.
If you do have to add some color, maintain similar hues of the color scheme. This way, the sudden “pop” of color won’t let the eyes see the shifts and breaks in the room. Like white, using similar hues can bring an expansive effect.
3. Go for a mirrored backsplash.
Using mirrors is an old designer’s trick that can help open up the space and add more light. Mirrors are especially useful when there is no, or minimal, natural light in a kitchen.

4. Flood the space with lights.
Use little window treatments so that natural light is not blocked off. Add additional lighting fixtures on walls, backsplashes and countertops to open up the space.
5. Use slender furnishing.
Pick counter or bar chairs that have slim legs, or if you have a working table to use as an island, it should be long and narrow with clean lines. Ditch furnishings with thick basses, as they will make the room visually bulky.
6. Maximize storage space.

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