Express Kitchens Mother’s Day Kitchen Giveaway!


Three lucky people can surprise their mothers with a new kitchen this Mother’s Day thanks to Express Kitchens.

On Saturday, May 9th, Express Kitchens will giveaway three kitchens complete with cabinets, crown molding, granite countertops, sink, faucet and stainless steel appliances. Each individual prize package is list price valued at $15,000.

Anyone can enter by visiting any of the seven locations located in Connecticut and Western Massachusetts. You can enter an additional entry into the drawing online by visiting

Three separate live drawings will be held on Saturday May 9th in Orange and Newington, CT and West Springfield, MA.

Recently being named one of the nation’s best small businesses by the SBA, Express Kitchens offers customers throughout Connecticut and Western Massachusetts an increasing number of cabinet options along with better buying power and bigger savings.

Express Kitchens recently purchased a 120,000-square-foot facility in Hartford and will open a new Bridgeport location in May.

For more information on Express Kitchens and its offerings visit or call (860) 247-1000.

17 thoughts on “Express Kitchens Mother’s Day Kitchen Giveaway!

  1. Diana Guevara

    My grandma is the best mom in the world she raised me and my sister and made sure that went to school every day and she is also taking care of my mother she is handicaps she is are heart and are world this will be the best present for mothers day if dreams can come true thank you Justice.


    Want my Mother Barbara Savickas get her new kitchen she was all set to do it and had to deal with a mold problem so kitchen was put off

  3. Mariah Csugi

    I my name is Mariah Csugi I took this video in hopes that you will pick my mother for your Mother’s Day giveaway as you can see in this video the kitchen is not in good shape and my parents really don’t have that much money right now to make it halfway decent we have lived here for 19 years and not much has changed with this kitchen it’s very small there is barely any cabinet space My mom works a full-time job and so does my father hoping you will consider my mother as one of the winners it would really make her so very happy thank u sincerely Mariah Csugi

  4. Elaina Gervais

    Dear Sir / Ma’am
    My name is Elaina Gervais and my mother has been dreaming of a new kitchen for a little over 14 years (ever since we moved in). My mom cooks for me and my big sister every night. My dad, unfortunately, is only home on the weekends (he is an iron worker that works in Boston). So that leaves my mom to drive us to and from school, and to our after school activities, which we don’t usually get home until 8:30-9:00pm. My mom has 3 jobs, not including taking care of me and my sister or housework, and works as hard as she can for her whole family. this is why I think she deserves a new kitchen. It would make her year!
    – Sincerely, Elaina and Aryonna

  5. Elaine Wilson

    I think my mom deserve that kitchen because she is the worlds greatest mom for her to bring 10 kids and thank God we are all blessed she is an a remarkable woman she is extra ordinary strong, and because of that she prays for Haas she support us she loves us she’s cook for us she’s always there for us we love her and Mom a I think my mom deserve that kitchen because she is the worlds greatest mom for her to bring 10 kids and thank God we are all blessed she is an a remarkable woman she is extra ordinary strong and because of that she prays for House she support us she loves us she’s cook for us she’s always there for us we love her mom and I think she deserved the kitchen..
    So she can continue cooking Sunday dinner in it fo all of us..

  6. Elaine Wilson

    My mom deserve that kitchen she cooks for everyone every day especially on Sundays after church we all gathered at Mom house to eat Sunday dinner that’s our family time so papa my mom deserve that kitchen she cooks for everyone every day especially on Sundays after church we all gathered at Mom house to eat Sunday dinner that’s our family time so particularly because of that, she deserves that new kitchen!

  7. Lelan Jacheo

    Dear Express kitchens,

    I’m entering this giveaway because I believe my mother deserves a brand new kitchen. she works her butt off every day to pay for my tuition, meals, vacations and lots more! she is my real-life superhero. we’re in the process of moving to my grandmother’s house so there’s lots of renovating, 3 bedrooms a basement and a most important kitchen which is why I’m writing this. right now we have a decent sized kitchen with old kitchen cabinets an old stove and a practically vintage that never stops breaking so we need new everything. another reason we need this is that my mother and grandmother have a cooking addiction. they’re always in the kitchen something on the chicken on the stove cookies in the oven washing dishes with one hand and loading/unloading the dishwasher with another, shes like the kitchen octopus. it would be a nice surprise for her since her birthday is coming too. I hope you liked what I wrote I think my mother deserves this like I said she’s my superhero,

    Thank You-
    Lelan F. Jacheo

  8. Ryan Rivas

    This would be absolutely amazing for our mother. She is so deserving of this after all the hard work she has done for myself and my two younger brothers. She has talked for so long about renovating our kitchen, but it simply has not been reasonable in our budget. Fingers crossed that we can gift her with this! Thank you!

  9. Mike Longo

    My mother deserves a kitchen because she really try’s to save her money but it’s hard becase she has bills and deal with all of that. I think that she deserves another place to cook and make our kitchen a dream kitchen I think she will be super happy and excited and she will be more happy knowing that everyday she will wake up to a beautiful breakfast made by her brand new kitchen I think it will bring a smile to her face and my whole family’s face and I’m hoping that we will be lucky enough to.

  10. Maritza Jimenez

    I would like to win for my daughter to give her a new kitchen for her new home she just brought my daughter is everything to me she’s a mother a friend and the best daughter I would love to give her this for mother’s day she deserves this gift

  11. Cherri Robinson

    My house is 34 years old. It’s originally my deceased parents house. I raised 3 children, encouraged them to continue their education receiving their B.S. and Master degree. I’ve taken in my nephews, my grandchild and great-nephew. I took care of my deceased parents. My mother was on dialysis for 22 yrs and my father had lymphoma for 10 yrs. I continued my education with my B. S. degree
    I never received any child support. I’m taken care of my granddaughter without financial help. Financially, I am strapped. My cabinets are fallen apart.

  12. Jeanette Hutchinson

    Good Evening Express Kitchens,
    My name is Jayson and I am entering this contest on behalf of my mother Jeanette. I cannot even begin to describe to you how much my mother means in words. Everything she has done for me over the years has really shaped me into the person I desire to be, whether it be doing my laundry or even taking an entire week off to explore colleges so that I may better my future, she has done it all. This Mother’s Day I’d like to show her just how much she is appreciated. And what better way to do it then with an “express kitchen”. She truly admires the work you have done on other peoples homes and it would mean the world to her and our family if you could come out and work your magic on our humble home.

    Thank you for your Time,

  13. Giselle Tine

    Dear Express Kitchens,

    I am the daughter of Norma Muzzy; my name is Giselle Tine. Please excuse my long story; but here goes this is our story my mom, myself and my son.
    Id like to share with you that I almost lost my Mother, and don’t want to pass up a great opportunity for her to possibly win your Express Kitchen make over, she would benefit from this opportunity in so many ways.
    I also am a mom. Growing up it was just my mom and myself; I can truly say I never wanted for anything, and is safe for me to say that she provided, and instilled in me as her daughter better and more than most children with both parents.
    I got married in 1999 my mom and I always rented I was moving to Wethersfield, didn’t want my mother to have to worry about moving any longer so I saved my money and was able to buy her a house that she could afford into her retirement years.
    Well I truly believe my mom is so deserving and can’t think of anyone who would be more grateful and could put to most beneficial use than my mom. My mom was on life-support for a about a week nine days. I slept at her bedside advocating for her twenty four seven, at one point she coded right in front of me, as you can imagine such devastation really does something to somebody a fear heartbreak that they will take with them threw out life, and to often remind myself myself never forget to be grateful, she is home with me, I spend a lot of time with her We are together mostly all the time if not then we always call each other and it’s been my mission to try to improve her quality of life wanting for her to be happy I can’t think of anyone who would benefit more from a beautifully renovated kitchen.
    My mom and I try to live each day as if it is our last could never be ready to lose someone you love so much especially a mother. I’m so thankful to have her back home it’s been quite a struggle for her trying to get back to herself but she’s come along way. The doctors were a little surprise seeing as what she overcame to pull threw. As her daughter I see in her strength and integrity, at one point she wrote advice words from a mom who thought she wasn’t going to make it and she wrote “I want you to be strong, independent and never rely on anyone” wow.
    I feel as though Ive been blessed and running on borrowed time with her, then I guess we all are.
    Giselle Tine

  14. Rihanna clue

    Thank you for letting me contest with other people. My mom deserve a new kitchen because she Is out going and she always look out for friends and family. The reason why I say this is Because every since my grandfather died and grandmother died of has been hard for because my grandmother use to be my mother bestfriend and now my grandmother is gone is like my lose her bestfriend and her mother. I want my mom to now that I love her from the bottom of my heart and now that I will be there for her. Thank you again.


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