Express Kitchens introduce diverse options for Vanity Cabinets and Kitchen Storage Solutions

Express Kitchens, leading manufacturer and supplier of kitchen cabinets, introduced new set of add-ons for its kitchen cabinet and storage solutions. The new value addition to its kitchen cabinets is aimed to offer diverse range of options to its customers, whose choice matters the most for the company. The new add-ons, in the kitchen cabinets, are a unique and innovative way to offer customer delight. Express Kitchens believe that enhancing quality and offering innovative kitchen solutions will certainly be a value-addition to the likes and preferences of its customers thereby significantly improving their cooking experience in an Express Kitchen.

One of the foundations to a functional kitchen is kitchen storage. If it is inadequate or ineffective, you will be faced with endless frustrations and challenges. To counter these storage challenges, homeowners are starting to look for better storage solutions within the cabinetry. These can include: appliances garages for small appliance, drawer dividers for cutlery & utensils, pull-outs for spices, tray dividers, roll-out trays and caddies for pots & pans; as well as wastebasket cabinets for garbage and recyclables and/or deep drawers. These will make it easier to store foods, drinks and small appliances.

The fully loaded kitchen cabinet solutions, at Express Kitchens, will now offer:



The kitchen cabinet design has seen a change with add-ons and value added accessories that would keep the people closer to technology. A rapid change in tastes combined with advanced technology has given rise to a wide variety of styles. One of the biggest annoyances with kitchen cabinetry is the unnecessary waste of space. The way the basic shelves and drawers are structured leaves a lot of wasted space. Worst of all, available space is often too small or it’s too wide and does not give you a way to properly and efficiently organize the space.

















Elaborating on Express Kitchens customer-centric philosophy, Max Kothari, CEO of Express Kitchens, said, “We have created a compelling environment through new launch, exciting cabinet range and excellent service to give a matchless user experience to people. Our aim is add value to our customers’ thoughts and imagination giving them the best of Express Kitchens at all times. Our business philosophy is simple – we offer a unique experience to people and empower customers to achieve their dreams of having a great kitchen.

Express Kitchens has over the last decade carved a niche for itself as a renowned brand with a strong presence across Connecticut. Today, Express Kitchens enjoys a high recall value and is perceived as a brand that provides best quality kitchen design and installation to the people.”


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