Express Kitchens Brings Smiles and Hot Meals to Loaves and Fishes Ministries in Hartford

Since 1982, Loaves and Fishes has been dedicated to improving the community and making sure those who are food insecure do not go unattended. Express Kitchens visit to Loaves and Fishes Ministries is part of the Community Engagement Program for 2019, wherein there is a strong effort to connect with local organizations, charities, and philanthropic ventures to uplift and enhance the lives of those who live in the towns, cities, and states that Express Kitchens serve.

As part of first visit to Loaves and Fishes Ministries, the Express Kitchens provided meals for several families in the Community. It’s important to note that the Loaves and Fishes family consists of both, the homeless and the working poor. In today’s complex economy it is essential that we remember to always connect with and give back to those in need. Helping those in need creates a better society and healthier work ethic. Not to mention it also brings joy to so many children.

Allison Hild, the Executive Director of the facility, spoke about the Jobs Training program for individuals who take help from the facility to get desired job skills and employment. She makes it her business to assist Hartford residents in their pursuit of better employment, healthier meals, and improved lives for their loved ones.

By participating, engaging and contributing in community development activities, Express Kitchens want to take a lead in simplifying happiness in the lives of those in need. For Express Kitchens, this is just an ideal start of a journey where the employees and staff members contribute to the well being of local community and society in general. All of which is the brainchild of illustrious leader, Max Kothari, CEO of Express Kitchens. One of his notable quotes is, “As individuals, we have the duty to perform acts of kindness and generosity wherein the society is benefited from our noble work. Making sure people have basic nutrition is incredibly important to the health and well being of our society.” A sentiment shared by all at Express Kitchens.

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