Express Kitchens end 41-year-long wait of Kathleen P. by installing her dream kitchen in 2018

2018 became a landmark year for Kathleen P. at Ledyard, CT. Her 41 years long awaited dream became a reality when Express Kitchens offered her what no one else could think of: – a sense of contentment after her kitchen installation was complete. Find below Kathleen’s narrative of her happy memories with us.

As shared and narrated to us: –

Thank you for all your help in making my kitchen become a reality!  I have lived in my house for 41 years and until this past May had the original kitchen.  Although I painted the cabinets and decorated the kitchen, the kitchen was in dire need of a remodel.  Problem was, I could not afford to do anything until I was left a small inheritance.  For me it was a major undertaking.  My favorite color is blue and I knew I wanted a checkered white and blue porcelain floor.  The problem was finding it!  Blue was unheard of!  But I finally did locate it and once I got the ball rolling the project went full steam ahead.  I got everything packed up and moved out and friends came and spent two days helping me rip out the old flooring and cabinets, I got the walls and trim painted and the floors were installed.  You had designed my kitchen following pretty much the same foot print with a couple of major differences, I finally got a pantry and instead of two “dead end” corner cabinets where things went never to be seen again, I was given two lazy susans as well as two upper corner wall cabinets, one with glass to display a few items.

The cabinet install was done beautifully by Brian Smith.  His workmanship and attention to detail was very impressive.  Brian spent two days here, one of them working until 9 at night to finish.  He cleaned up after himself and was also very pleasant to have in my home.  The countertop measurement man came and did a thorough job of getting it right and asking me where I would prefer to have the seams.  A week or so later the installers came and made quick work of installing the granite.  They too worked very well and did a wonderful job. 

I am so pleased with my white cabinets, something I always wanted. I never was a fan of colored or stainless appliances and preferred white appliances and white cabinets before white cabinets were the trend.  I went with colors I wanted.  If I have any regrets it is that I chose granite for the countertops because I don’t care for the shine, I should have stuck with my first choice, which was white Formica!  I know, probably the only woman in the world who would pick Formica over granite!  I really like the beauty of the blue pearl granite.  It is difficult for me to get used to a dark counter since I always had a light one.  But once I get a backsplash installed in white to go with the cabinets it will be fine.  Everyone who sees it loves it.  I have only had one glitch with the cabinets in that one door needs to be replaced because it arrived a bit too short.  I believe you have gotten the issue addressed and I will be receiving the correct door soon.

I waited so long for a new kitchen and am extremely pleased with the quality of the cabinets and the install.  I looked several places and your price and quality could not be beat.  I knew in my mind what I wanted and the second I looked in the storefront window and saw the white Shaker cabinets on display I knew that is what I wanted.  I didn’t have to look at anything else.  I love the soft close drawers and I especially like the drawers to hold the pots and pans.  No more dropping everything out of a cabinet to get to the pan I want.  I finally have a place to store all of my Christmas dishes and get them out of boxes in the basement.  Now I will actually use them.  The layout is basically the same as the old kitchen with some much needed upgrades and improvements. This was a major project for me to undertake as I arranged for the other trades to coordinate with your installers.  But I am happy with the end result. 

I have a friend who built a new house with all top end finishes.  He is doing some work for me as far as lighting and re-hanging the basement door and new locks, etc.  He is a woodworker having made the cabinets in his first home.  When he took a close look at the quality of the cabinets, he was very impressed.  I considered that high praise and felt even better about my choice.  Thank you.


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